“The person who says those words, in Cygnet Theatre’s knockout staging of the 2013 play, is Daphna (Danielle Frimer), a kind of Jedi master of judginess who specializes in a certain variety of Jewish guilt: That which is meted out to other people. In the wrong hands, the character could come off as little but a shrill downer, and the play as laugh-baiting emotional exhibitionism. But Frimer, in what can fairly be called a daring portrayal, makes Daphna such a weirdly compelling nerve ending of a person that you can’t help but be transfixed by what makes her tick.”

— Bad Jews, San Diego Tribune


“The performances are outstanding. As Daphna, Danielle Frimer has big hair, a bigger mouth and a holier-than-thou attitude that makes you want to jump up on the stage and strangle her. But she’s thoroughly believable in her self-delusions and moments of clarity.”

— Bad Jews, Times of San Diego

ToyTalk "Hello Barbie"

From left: ToyTalk’s Nick Pelczar, Danielle Frimer, Dan Clegg, Sarah Wulfeck

Pictured in the New York Times Article on “Hello Barbie”


“Painfully, Vicente’s choice to have the audacity to find happiness with Midwestern beauty Althea (an empathetic Danielle Frimer) has heartbreaking consequences.”

— MonstressBay Area Plays



“Danielle Frimer as Nell (the young Eleanor), Philip Mills as British officer David Durrance, and Dan Hiatt (as an Englishman living in India during the Raj) made strong contributions in supporting roles.”

— Indian InkHuffington Post



“Danielle Frimer as the princess steals scenes with her sharp-tongued quips and subtle touches of sadness and amusement as she goes from feigning affection for the king to feeling sincere love.”

— Love’s Labour’s Lost, Williamette Weekly



“His plan is complicated by the arrival of a Princess (a wry, funny Danielle Frimer) and her three friends on a diplomatic mission, which places the men’s oath in jeopardy almost as soon as it’s been made.”

— Love’s Labour’s LostPQ Monthly


“For 42 years SRT has offered Sonoma County the chance to watch super-talented young actors come together from around the country to perform quality theater. Thursday’s sold-out performance of “Fox” shows that the community still appreciates this treasure of an institution… Bravo to cast members Emma Sohlberg, Drew Arisco, Danielle Frimer, Scott Fuss, Joshua Downs and Lexi Lyric.”

— Fox on the Fairway, Press Democrat



“It’s brilliant: the costumes are stunning, the music sensational, the sets lovely, the timing perfect, all the characters amazing, and every performance inspired. I loved it, and can think of very little that could be improved.”

Twelfth Night,  Notes from a Shakespeare Nerd



“Danielle Frimer nimbly portrays the modern scholar Hannah Jarvis with a prickly exterior and a soft heart.”

— Arcadia, Yale Daily News



“…The true highlight of the show is the neurotic, sick and disillusioned Fosca, played by Danielle Frimer. Frimer’s searing screams near the top of the show preface her remarkably organic portrayal of the pathetic character. Her face communicates Fosca’s rickety nature, with awkward smiles and doe-like eyes swiftly giving way to pinched expressions. What makes her performance outstanding, however, is her singing. She is able to actively make her voice sound faintly unstable and rough, her notes faltering, her volume rising seemingly without her control. She comes across as so naturally deranged, and so hopelessly in love with Giorgio, that several audience members exhaled empathetic sighs when she fell to the ground midway through the musical.”

— Passion, Yale Daily News



“And with a voice that captures both the docility and sweetness of Cinderella, Danielle Frimer ’10 plays her part naturally and poignantly.”

— Into The Woods, Yale Daily News